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Double Ended Jaw Wrench 0100
Double Ended Jaw Wrench
Speed Wrench 0325
Combination Wrench Short 0320
Hook Wrench 0860
Combination Wrench 0380 Torx-mm

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İzeltaş was estabilished in 1968 in İzmir with 100% Turkish capital throught Turkish and German Technical collaboration as the first Turkish hand tools manufacturer. Today İZELTAŞ, as a result of technological investments, which increase the capasity and improve quality, has a production capacity of 4000 tons a year, equivalent to 16 million pieces and 2500 types of hand tools within its four facilities coverin a total area of 155.000 square meters, of which 40.000 meter square is closed. İZELTAŞ is a complate facility, including die-tooling, forging, machining,heat treatment, electro-plating, plastic injection and painting departments. Ergonomic, high quality hand tolls and various hot forged parts from 50 grams to 15.000 grams are produced by hot forging method. Sectors served can be listed as, automotive, defence, agriculture, aviation and consturaction. İzeltaş; always aiming high quality and wide range of products, has been cetified with ISO 9001:2000 , TSE and TUV GS for its management and quality sistems. As a consequence, İZELTAŞ has a very good reputation for its high quality products and advanced technology throught Europe, Asia, North and South America as well as in Turkey. İZELTAŞ, company policy is to present the best with the effective use of Research, Development and Quality systems whil providing unlimited after-sales service. Our mission is to manufacture products in such a high quality that would satisfy and requirement and to became a brand that is in demand throughout the world. Many thanks to all our customers, who rely on and support İZELTAŞ…



“Kemalpaşa Cad. No: 303, Işıkkent, İzmir, Türkiye”

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“+90 232 472 13 75”

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